Impaired Eyesight

In Israel, as in all other Western nations, the number of visually impaired is on the rise. In fact, the number has doubled over the past decade and today stands at around 25,069 (According to a report published by the Institute for the Blind).

One of the explanations for this phenomena can be found in the population’s ever increasing life span which in turn influences a number of age related illnesses including eye diseases. Poor sight and blindness are becoming a public health problem.

The report’s figures only relate to the blind or the severely visually impaired. However, the total of visually impaired is far greater. Estimates place their number at four times that of those known to be visually impaired – some 100,000 people.

It is for these people, suffering from poor eyesight and visual impairment (but not, so far, defined as blind) that we at the Mishkan HaReiyah Foundation have set up a department to treat and rehabilitate sight and the quality of their lives. The foundation of the Palace of vision Optical Center opened the first center of its kind in the Middle East for the treatment and rehabilitation of people with visual impairments.
The “Mishkan HaReiyah – Optical Center Foundation” opened the first center of its kind in Israel and the Middle East for treating and rehabilitating sight and vision disabilities.

People with poor eyesight are not always aware that there are many ways to improve the quality of their lives.
We believe that education and the proper training can restore self-confidence and independence.

We place at the disposal of our patients a “model home” that is outfitted with the most modern, technologically advanced equipment and devices. Using these innovative aids, our patients will be able to try and to practice using sight and vision aids in a safe and friendly environment that simulates their natural environment.