Take advantage of glasses and hearing aids!

We direct our patients from their entry into the foundation until their exit in the choice of the services offered to us.

Contact lenses

Contact lenses, worn over the eye’s cornea, are designed to correct eyesight. Contact lenses are also used for other purposes whether medical or...


Impaired Eyesight

We stick to a complete and full oculat examination process with every patient, every time.



Provided is a huge spectr of services, including hand-picked designer frames and glasses.



Effective and immediate assistance with getting the perfect pair of high quality eye lens.


Benefit from the Foundation's benefits

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"I am 20 and I did alya two years ago...


Deborah Emma Boujenah

When I came to the foundation to do...


Shanny Fitoussi
Shanny FitoussiBat shirout

When I came here and told me I was on the...


Naomi Asharotz
Naomi AsharotzBat shirout

Since I've been here I've learned to be more patient...


Amy Menderfru
Amy MenderfruBat shirout

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