The young girls of Shirout Leumi

The young girls of Shérout Léoumi play an essential role in the daily functioning of the foundation. Through the help they provide to optometrists, opticians and all staff, we are able to maximize our efforts and reach more people in need. Thanks to them, our service is more fluid, more pleasant and each one receives a personalized service.

Young girls work in many departments:

  • Reception

The girls of Shérout Léoumi verify that the patients have all the right documents they need so that we can help them. It is an administrative job that requires great responsibility. During their work, they learn the nature of the foundation’s work and discover how to help people in need.

  • Vision Department

The girls meet the patients and help them in the process of obtaining their glasses. They explain the importance of good eyesight and the wearing of the right pair of glasses to people of all ages – from children in school to the elderly.

For these young girls, the foundation is a place of work that brings them skills that will help them later in life. Moreover, during their transition to the foundation, they learn a profession, they learn to treat clients who are also our patients, to use software, to have a telephone conversation, etc …

In the past year and a half, the Optical Center Foundation has also provided quality contact lenses at a nominal price. The girls of Shérout Léoumi teach our patients how to use and preserve their contact lenses.


  • Optical Lab

In Israel, there is practically no school that teaches laboratory techniques. The Optical Center Foundation provides an opportunity to learn this highly sought after profession.

The young girls of Shérout Léoumi learn both the theoretical and practical aspects of this profession under the direction of the laboratory director and the laboratory’s experienced optometrists.

  • Help in school visits and visits to retirement homes.

Every morning, the foundation team travels to another school for exams. The young girls of Shérout Léoumi join our optometrists and help them during these visits. Each year, the Optical Center Foundation visits an average of 200 schools in the Jerusalem area.

The Mishkan Haréiyah Foundation also visits retirement homes in Jerusalem. The young girls of Shérout Léoumi work in cooperation with our optometrists, helping them throughout the process. Each year, the Optical Center Foundation visits an average of 15 retirement homes in the Jerusalem area.

  • Hearing Department

The girls of Shérout Léoumi receive patients with open arms and an understanding of their needs. They provide the necessary explanations and training and also carry out basic repairs. In addition to helping patients who receive their hearing aids as needed, they also perform important administrative tasks: entering patient data into the system, setting appointments, etc.

These young girls are there to explain to our patients the importance of good hearing for a more independent lifestyle with the family and the different social circles.

  • Malvoyance Department

The young girls of Shérout Léoumi work with our optometrists who are specialized in low vision and help patients by explaining how to use the various accessories and devices in our “model home” and by adjusting the hearing aids of our patients.

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