Receive to give –

The Optical Center Foundation works for peace in Jerusalem. It offers the needy in the city and its surroundings glasses, contact lenses, visual and auditory aids so that everyone can see the beautiful and hear the good.
Peace is built when everyone can recognize the other and respect it in its difference.
Jerusalem is called “Yerushalaim” in Hebrew meaning “and they shall see peace.”
On the day when peace will reign in Jerusalem, peace will reign in the rest of the world.
Thus the inhabitants of the holy city, whether Jews, Arabs, Christians, Muslims, Greek Orthodox, Druze, Armenians or others, benefit from the services of the Optical Center Foundation throughout the year. Since 2007, more than 100,000 people have been equipped for both sight and hearing. A first step, hopefully, so that future generations can live in harmony in the capital of Israel and influence humanity to build a better world. A day will come when the world of sharing will replace the sharing of the world.

Laurent Lévy

Laurent Levy,
Founder of the Optical Center Foundation

Peace in Jerusalem –

Since 1991, our goal is to offer luxury and high-tech products accessible to all.
Every year in Europe, you are millions to equip yourself with eyeglasses and hearing aids in Optical Center stores.
I am very grateful to each of you for being faithful to our Optical & Hearing sign and thus contributing to the work of the Optical Center Foundation in Jerusalem.
I wish that your glasses and hearing aids allow you to see the beautiful and hear the good all around you.

Our vision –

In September 2007, the founder of the Optical Center group, already having 400 optical shops in France, Belgium and Luxembourg, Mr Levy Laurent opened the Optical Center Optical Center located in the city center of Jerusalem Of Israel, in order to import its success in Israel.

This ambition was driven above all by the strong desire to take part in a humanitarian activity among the residents of Jerusalem.
The mission and vision of the organization is to discover the potential within each of us in order to give us a sense of life.

One of the ways to achieve this goal and see and hear only the good of others, through a positive look and with the aim of bringing together and bringing closer together.
We believe that when we all get together in Jerusalem, and when each of us will accept his neighbor whatever his features, and will only see what brings us closer to each other. Only then will we be able to enlighten the People of Israel as well as the seventy nations and we will be able to implement the world project of humanity, according to the divine will.

Everyone is invited to participate in this humanitarian activity, and every employee of the society has an added sense of purpose and is proud to participate.
One of the missions of the Optical Residence is to give sight to the children of Jerusalem and the elderly in order to enlighten the people of Jerusalem.

The aim of the Optical Center Association is to enable every child and elderly person in Jerusalem to see and hear, irrespective of their socio-economic situation. I believe that beyond the will to give, it is necessary to know how to give, and for this reason I have established a luxurious center that respects the families arriving at the association. (Laurent Lévy)