How does a hearing problem affect day to day life?

A person suffering from a hearing problem must make a special effort to be part of society. People around them have to talk louder and, as time goes by, may even stop trying to carry on a conversation with them. This can create a situation in which the person with a hearing impediment may be left out of the conversation.
Hearing rehabilitation helps the hearing impaired to communicate better with those around them. This improvement in communication abilities has positive effects on all aspects of life: within the family, in social life, in education, in relationships and in work.
Poor hearing doesn’t necessarily mean that the person is deaf but u=it does mean that the dynamics of life change. At “Optical Center” we will help you cope with this change.

What do we do?

Regular check-ups

According to a 2013 survey, 16% (some 879 thousand people) and more experience some hearing difficulty.
The number of people with a hearing problem increases with age – more than half (55%) of the over 75’s have a hearing difficulty of some sort and 16% have a severe hearing problem or cannot hear at all.
That’s why we offer all the over 50’s who approach the Foundation a free, 10 minute hearing test so that we can monitor the state of their hearing. It’s important to monitor and treat hearing problems otherwise the nerves could degenerate. If this occurs, even if, in the end, a hearing aid is used and the hearing becomes normal, speech may be impaired. That’s why you should think of the future and get a regular checkup. We invite you to the “Optical Center” Foundation’s clinic, the only place in Israel where you’ll get a free checkup.

Finding the right hearing aid

  • The foundation provides hearing aids at a token price.
  • The hearing aids we provide are the most technologically advanced available today.
  • Personal attention and follow up services to help you get the most efficient use of your hearing aid.
  • One month trial period.

It’s important to take care of your hearing aid. That’s why we’re here, not only to provide you with a hearing aid but also to guide and help you for as long as the device works.

Finding the right accessories

  • The Foundation supplies a range of accessories and aids to improve your daily life. For example: amplified door bell, alarm clock, TV amplifier, Bluetooth connector to connect your telephone to your hearing aid and more.
  • The Foundation provides external amplifiers, the perfect solution for those who find it difficult to use a hearing aid or who are confined to their home.

Our lab services

Our Hearing Lab opened in 2012. We construct hearing aids in our own, on-site laboratory, provide headphones within a week (sometimes even within two days), provide services and repairs in the center’s laboratory, unlike like other places where you need to send your hearing aid away to an external lab to be repaired.

Getting your hearing aid is simple

Hearing test
> choose the hearing aid (we provide your hearing aid at a token price)
> we measure your ear size
> the hearing aid is custom made according to your exact measurements
> we deliver the device and provide you with comprehensive instructions on how to use the hearing aid and provide full service for as long as the device is in use.

The hearing aids are guaranteed for two years (not including physical or water damage)

From 2013 to 2014 the “Optical Center” Foundation provided 1,100 hearing aids.

Open days outside of the Center

Once a week, “Mishkan HaReiyah – Optical Center Foundation” audiologists, in cooperation with other foundations and organizations, visit old age homes to give free hearing tests and to improve awareness of the need to monitor the state of your hearing.

For further details you can contact us at: 02-6303206