Sunglasses available

Mr Nir Barkat and several departments of Jerusalem City Hall are involved in the success of this project and a real synergy has been created between the two partners.

Jerusalem now has 7.8 million inhabitants. By the end of 2012, the population of children living in Israel had a total of 2,626,400 souls. One third of them have a visual impairment that requires wearing glasses. Of this category, 30% of parents can not afford to buy a pair of glasses. This uncorrected handicap most often results in academic failure and has put these children in difficulty since their youngest age.
Parents who meet our admission criteria are invited to visit our Foundation: The Temple of Vision.

The largest center of vision in Israel

A thorough eye examination is performed. Then, each one can choose among the 2000 exposed mounts, the pair that suits him perfectly.
We realize on site and in 1 hour, more than 90% of the assemblies.
We have a permanent stock of 6000 glasses (traditional, thin and anti-reflective).
According to our calculations and in view of the activity of the first months of operation of our Foundation, it will be necessary to offer approximately 32’000 pairs of glasses per year so that all the children aged from 6 to 18 years can see correctly.
The child should feel good with his glasses in both vision and comfort.

Securing the child with professional gestures and comforting it is the role of our Foundation: The Temple of Vision.