Contact lens use. Woman putting in a contact lens. --- Image by © Science Photo Library/Corbis

Contact Lenses

Contact lenses, worn over the eye’s cornea, are designed to correct eyesight. Contact lenses are also used for other purposes whether medical or aesthetic – to give the eye’s iris a different color from its natural one.

More than 125 million people across the world (some 2% of the world’s population) wear contact lenses.
People choose to wear contact lenses for a variety of reasons.

The advantages of contact lenses compared to glasses:

  • Contact lenses don’t fog up, they are very comfortable to wear when participating in sports and provide a wider field of vision than glasses.

  • For those with stronger lenses or with a complex sight problem, contact lenses create a smaller image reduction, increase sharpness and provide the perfect solution when reflectivity isn’t balanced as with +1.00 and -4.00. Contact lenses are an alternative to glasses and it’s recommended to always combine them with glasses.

  • The aesthetic advantage: some people prefer contact lenses over glasses for aesthetic reasons.

The “Mishkan HaReiyah – Optical Center Foundation” opened, just one year ago, a new department for contact lenses and provides solutions for most refractive states.

Personal and individual treatment In line with our approach that put an emphasis on our patients comfort and the health of their eyes, we at “Mishkan HaReiyah” believe that we must keep in touch with our patients even after they’ve been given their contact lenses. That’s why we invite them for a checkup after six months when we make sure that the lenses are suitable and that refractive index hasn’t changed. We also make sure that the contact lenses continue to be comfortable and worn regularly.

The health of your eyes is important to us